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The Richmond Endurance Symposium is all about inspiration, education and staying healthy.  We share the below links and resources with you as part of our mission.  Enjoy and please feel free to offer links on our Facebook page for consideration.  If it inspired you and your training goals, it will likely inspire us as well!


We thank our 2015 speakers for making their presentations available.

“Injury Prevention and Performance Improvement for the Endurance Athlete”  – Molly Fostek, PT, MSPT, CMTPT and Katie Allen, MS, CSCS

“Nutrition Periodization for Endurance Athletes” – Bob Seebohar, MS, RD, CSSD, CSCS, METS

“Data Driven Athlete” – Hunter Allen

“Foot and Ankle Injuries in the Endurance Athlete” – Dr. Paul Maloof, MD

“Runner’s Knee. Jumper’s Knee.” – Dr. Drew Dahlgren, MD, MBA


Publications from this years speakers:


Bob Seebohar MS, RD, CSSD, CSCS, METS

Metabolic Efficiency Training: Teaching the Body to Burn More Fat  

Nutrition Periodization for Athletes

Performance Nutrition: Applying the Science of Nutrient Timing

Metabolic Efficiency Recipe Book

Fuel4mance Smoothie Recipe book

Prehab Exercises for Athletes book

Performance Nutrition for Soccer Players

Athlete’s Food Guide to Metabolic Efficiency

Caffeine Protocol for Endurance Athletes

Sodium Loading for Endurance Athletes

Neuromuscular, Dynamic and Functional Exercises for Athletes

To Gel or Not to Gel – Energy Gel Alternatives – Fuel4formance


Hunter Allen

Changing Your Mindset About Nervousness

What To Do Next: A VO2Max Intensive Plan

Hunter Allen Reviews Speedplay

From the 2014 Symposium –

Our friends at Style Weekly took this VIDEO of the 2014 event.  Enjoy!

We thank our speakers for making their presentations available.

Swimmers Shoulder – Dr Reece and Dr Herring 2114 

Structured Return to Endurance Sports – Dr Herring

Common Runners Injuries – Dr Robert Wilder 2114

Five Physiological Parameters of Endurance Athletes – Dr Doug Cutter



From and About our 2014 Speakers-

Check out the Running Medicine 2015 event – March 6 & 7, 2015 at UVa Darden School

Preventing Running Injuries for Life by Dr. Marion Herring–Advanced Orthopedics, Richmond, VA

Multisport Moose by Corinne Sauders–HighCountryPress.com

USA CYCLING – 2014 Collegiate Road Nationals to be in Richmond–USA Cycling.org

An Interview with Chris Carmichael–Endurance Magazine

Setting Goals with Michellie Jones–HumanKinetics.com

Chris Carmichael Joins RBA–RoadBikeAction.com

Time Crunched?–IndustryOutsider

Evaluation of the Injured Runner–Magrum E, Wilder RP


Research and Education

Transverse Plane Mechanics at the Knee & Tibia in Runners With & Without a History of Achilles Tendinopathy–Blaise Williams, PT, PhD

 Guide to The World’s Top Marathoners This Fall–RunnersWorld.com

Comparing Lower Lumbar Kinematics in Cyclists with Low Back Pain versus Asymptomatic Controls–Van Hoof W, Volkaerts K, O’Sullivan K, Verschueren S, Dankaerts W.

Efficacy of Cycling Training Based on a Power Field Test–Klika RJ, Alderdice, JS, Kvale, JJ, Kearney JT

High Agreement between Laboratory and Field Estimates of Critical Power in Cycling–Karsten J, Jobson SA, Hopker J, Jimenz A, Beedie C.

Effect of an Aero-dynamic Helmet on Head Temperature, Core Temperature, and Cycling Power Compared to a Traditional Helmet–Lee JF, Brown SR, Lange AP, Brothers RM.

Effects of Step Rate Manipulation On Joint Mechanics During Running–Heiderscheit BC, Chumanov ES, Michalski MP, Wille CM, Ryan MB.


Consensus Statement on Bike Fit from Medicine of Cycling, July 2013: The goal of this consensus statement is to enhance understanding and communication within the medical and the at-large cycling communities about definitions and key concepts in bicycle fitting. The document is intended as an educational guideline and does not replace a consultation with a trained bicycle fitting professional or a medical professional.

Elite Swimmers with Unilateral Shoulder Pain Demonstrate Altered Pattern of Cervical Muscle Activation During a Functional Upper-limb Task–Hidalgo-Lozano A, Calderon-Soto C, Domingo-Camara A, et al.

The Practical Management of Swimmer’s Painful Shoulder: Etiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment–Bak K.